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Go ‘N Bananas is the perfect place for your team to get together, bond, and unwind in an atmosphere of fun! Strengthen relationships as you manage challenging stations such as Laser Tag and Ropes Course. Everything you need is right here under one roof: physical activities, challenging games, and yummy refreshments. Our activities and games are challenging, fun, and encourage team building. Work teams will be able to practice three very important skills in our temperature-controlled facility: communication, cooperation, and critical thinking.

  • Employee Training
  • Sales Meetings
  • Business Parties
  • Company Picnics
  • Holiday Parties
  • Laser Tag the Boss Day!


Effective communication is a necessary component of any efficient workplace. Poor communication can lead to any number of problems including quality issues in work delivered, missed deadlines that jeopardize projects, and lost opportunities to generate new or repeat business.

We suggest: Divide your workplace into separate teams and have them compete in a game of Mini Bowling. Mini Bowling gives teammates the ability to interact and develop their interpersonal communication as they work together to defeat their rival team.


The mark of a true team is one that operates cooperatively rather than as a collection of individuals. Effective teams are able to maximize team members’ strengths and minimize their weaknesses in order to achieve a common goal more efficiently.

We suggest: Have your two teams compete in a game of Laser Tag with an Urban Adventure theme. The two teams will need to learn to work cooperatively as they attempt to finish the mission in our 3,800 square feet arena.


Whether it be in terms of decision making, risk management, or general organizational planning, critical thinking is an increasingly important skill in the workplace. An effective team is able to group together and utilize critical thinking skills to solve problems or dilemmas both internally and externally.

We suggest: Host a party or corporate trivia game in our VIP event room. Create a list of questions unique to your workplace and test your team’s knowledge. “What color are the kitchen walls?” “How many people are in the HR department?” “How many doors are there in the entire office?” “What brand are the printers?” “What is the busiest month of the year?” This is a quick team building activity that tests how observant your team is.

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